Friday, January 23, 2015

Big News for 2015!

I promised myself to be more diligent about posting on my blog this year. Of course, I've already started off poorly. I would apologize, but I have a totally legit reason for ignoring you all. 

So you remember that big promotion I was hoping for? I got it!

My faith in the company completely paid off. The week before Christmas I interviewed for a group housing supervisor position and found out the Monday after Christmas that I got it. 

That's the good news. Along with an almost $2 raise an hour. This is going to help tremendously. 

The bad news is that the new position is in Richmond, Virginia. 

At first I was a little worried. I've never even visited Virginia before. I know absolutely nothing about it. Luckily I have several friends who lived in the area and even worked at the hotel I'm going to. They were great about explaining the city to me, recommending apartments to consider, and being honest about where we should move to (high crime areas v. safer areas). I ended up deciding on a a suburb of Richmond that will be about the same commute as what I already have. It's close to a really good hospital (about 5 mins) that will be perfect for my Dad to receive his healthcare. We picked out his doctors and everything. 

It will be slightly warmer weather, which I believe will be good for my Dad. He doesn't do well in the cold. I am also really excited about my new apartment complex. They have a swimming pool (SCORE!) and a really nice walking path through a sort of wooded area. They also have a big exercise room. I think it will be easier to stay active with so many choices and with weather be a little warmer. 

This has been my life the last few weeks. 

Minus the water. LOL! It was just sitting up there. 

I took the time to go through everything before packing. If it hasn't been used in the last 4 years we have lived in Indianapolis, then it isn't going to Virginia with us. I got rid of a lot of stuff. I even went through my Mom's cedar chest and finally split things between my sister and I. 

I really don't need this many doilies and pot holders. 

Nor do I need every single card or picture we ever drew Mom and Dad. I did keep a few of the favorite ones though.

I've done great at packing. It helped that I had a full month before moving. There are still a few last minute things to pack, but the majority of everything is done. I'm taking some things down to my sister this weekend that she wants. Plus, Goodwill is getting a bunch of stuff.

I will admit that I have this irrational fear that everything won't fit in our moving truck. My Dad keeps teasing me about it. The fear stems from our original move to Indy. Instead of hiring movers, we had friends help. They didn't know how to pack a truck correctly and were packing things in the clearly labeled Goodwill pile. We ended up with a huge mess and needed two trucks. All of that just to get to Indy and have to get rid of a bunch of stuff. 

I know that things will be different. For one, I'm being much more careful about what we pack. Secondly, I hired movers to load and unload. I'm pretty sure everything will be fine, but I will not be comfortable until the door is closed and everything is in.

We are taking a trip out to the cemetery on Sunday to say goodbye to Mom. Even though I know Mom isn't "in" the grave, I still sort of feel like I am abandoning her here. I never thought I would leave Indiana, so this is bittersweet.

I work until Wednesday, and the movers come at 8:00 AM Thursday morning.

On a side note, I started Weight Watchers again and am already down 5 lbs. When things calm down a little, I will update you on more. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

I can't believe 2014 is almost over. I also can't believe Christmas is done. This is my favorite holiday, and I'm a little sad that I have to wait another year for it to come around again.

My favorite thing about Christmas is putting up the tree. All of our ornaments are homemade and were given to us by family. I can pick out each one and remember when it was given to me. Or I remember the stories my mother told me about her ornaments. On the entire tree, I think only 2 or 3 are store bought. 

We never keep presents under the tree. I don't know why. We never have. Even Santa left his presents by the tree, but not under it. This year, I put my mother's Christmas village under the tree. It looked really pretty. 

On top of the tree is our beloved Christmas angel. My sister and I used to joke about who was going to inherit the topper after Mom passed away. I solved it by making her one for Christmas a few years ago. So glad I paid attention to my Grandma when she taught me to needlepoint.

We have a ton of decorations, but a few are my favorite. This is the elf I made my Mom for Christmas in 7th grade. We took sewing for home economics that period, and this was the project I chose. I remember having my Dad take me before school for a few weeks just so I could get it done in time. My Mom loved him and would talk about what a good job I did every time she set it out for holiday season.

I decided to make homemade gifts for everyone this year. The new thing I learned was crochet. My grandma, and her friend Audrey, taught me the basic stitches when I was little, but this was my first time doing several projects for people. Before I had only done scarves and blankets.

Mad crochet skills! I know you all are jealous. LOL! 
I also bought little stocking stuffer items to go with each one. For instance, the purse was for my niece and I put several flavored chap sticks inside. She's at the age where they love those. 

This was the last year of ornaments from Grandma to the grandchildren. When she started getting sick and losing her eyesight, she made presents ahead of time for the kids. Even after she died, we had enough ornaments for a few years. I will admit that I cried while wrapping them. With the ornament, I gave each child a framed picture of my Mom holding them as babies. We wanted happy pictures of Mom, and in all the more recent pictures she looked ill. This is why we chose baby pictures. 

The last ornament.
Christmas dinner was hosted by my sister. She literally did everything on her own and didn't ask for any help. Crazy woman! She did a great job, and I enjoyed spending the day with her. 

The best part was watching the kids when they opened presents. They were making me laugh. Santa presents were already open, so I got to see the presents from the grandparents and myself. 

Look at that face! She has been wanting that toy for months now.
Bub was excited to see what he got. Their faces were so animated. I love it!

Bub did a happy dance!
Overall it was a great holiday.

How did Christmas go for you?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Update on the Meds

I have officially been on Metformin for about three weeks now (almost four). Here are a few things I notice:

1. Lots of  gastrointestinal problems. The constant sickness has gone away, but I will always have at least one diarrhea attack each day. They are always at the same time too, which confirms for me they are due to medicine. Not a major problem. Just more of an annoyance. Especially since it tends to happen during work hours.

2. Weight gain, which surprises me. This was supposed to cause weight loss, but I have gained three pounds. I wonder if this is due to the constant bloating problem I have? Bloating is another side effect of the meds. Not too worried at this point, but I'm keeping an eye on it.

3. No more headaches and blood sugar dropping out. I have had this issue for years where my sugar drops out and I get really sick. I used to carry snacks in my purse because it would happen so often. Not anymore since I started this medicine. I guess it's because my blood sugar is normalized now.

4. I'm never hungry. I have to remind myself to eat. This is another reason the weight gain surprises me. I hardly ever eat. I can go the entire work day and not feel hungry or sick from not eating. It isn't normal for me, so that has been an interesting change.

5. Just overall feeling better. More energy and less grouchy. Even my family has noticed the difference. The only time I feel really bad is that hour or so when the gastrointestinal problems hit.

I'm not saying I'm 100% and this medicine is perfect, but I do notice a difference. I'm glad I started the meds, but the bloating and weight gain is upsetting me. If this didn't change by my follow up appointment, I will mention it to the doctor. Overall I am happy with the choice. I hope the test results reflect something better.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone who celebrates has a great day!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Health Updates

I went to my doctor's appointment last Thursday and the test results still show a very high level of insulin resistance. My blood sugar is still holding its own, but I missed the diabetic range by only 1 point. Because of this, the gynecologist recommended I start Metformin.

I wasn't happy about medication, but at this point I agreed to go for it. My family doctor wanted me to start it last March, but I declined and told her I would lose weight.

I didn't lose any weight.

We debated for a while on whether I should take regular Metformin or extended release. The extended release is said to be easier on the side effects, so I went with that option. I also like taking it once a day rather than multiple times with the regular version. I'm taking 500 mg for the first week and going up to 1,000 mg for the second week.

I go back in January for more blood work. Depending on the results, my medicine will either stay the same or be raised to 1,500 mg a day. I'm sincerely hoping there will be enough improvement to not need the higher dosage.

My doctor warned me that I would be extremely sick the first few days of taking medication, so I waited to take my first pill on Friday evening. This way I wouldn't be sick at work. The first two days were horrendous. Horrible diarrhea, nausea, puking, and headaches. I spent the entire weekend in the bathroom. By Monday things were better. Now I only have a headache and some lethargy. I'm fully expecting the weekend to be bad again since my dose will go up on Friday.

She also wanted to prescribe me a medication to help with the hair loss, but I decided not to do this. I didn't want to start two medications at the same time. She claims that my metabolism being "out of whack" and the stress going on in my life could be contributing to this. The Metformin should cause things to be in better balance, which may help with the hair loss. It apparently helps with weight loss as well, but I'm not getting my hopes up. We will wait until the follow up in January and see how things look.

My Pap Smear came back normal. The number of cysts were less, and they were smaller. Good news! My poly-cystic seems to be under control for now. She even said babies wouldn't be completely out of the picture at this point as long as things stay under control. Of course I need to find a husband first... but anyway...

Overall, not the worst appointment, but not the best. We'll see how things go.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Look What I Got!!

New glasses!!

I decided to get my eyes checked after my co-workers noticed I was all up on my computer screen trying to read things. Plus, it was time for the yearly exam anyway.

Sure enough - my vision changed. The doctor said it was a slight change, but enough to mess things up a bit.

My vision insurance through work is absolutely amazing. There was a $30 co-pay for the eye exam, and they covered $400 on a new pair of glasses (or you can get contacts, but I don't wear those.). I was able to get a really nice pair with anti-scratch, anti-glare, and all the fancy stuff for nothing. Can't beat that.

I can tell the difference in prescription. I have to concentrate on something before I can see it clearly. Things also seem blurry when I turn my head too fast. This is normal. Whenever my eyes change, it takes me a day or two to get used to them. It almost as though my eyes get confused.

The good news is I was able to read all the street signs while driving home. Yay!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Went to watch my nephew play the Pee Wee Football Superbowl (for their division) on Saturday. It was absolutely freezing! The temperature was only 37 degrees. By the time the game was over, my feet were numb. That was with a pair of tights under my jeans and two pairs of socks. My Dad was determined to go, but it was just too cold for him. We found a spot in the parking lot that overlooks the football field, so he was able to watch the game from the car.

Bub's team won. (Bub = my nephew. The Princess = my niece. For future reference.)

Bub and Grandpa. He's number one! (Identifying information blurred to protect our boy.)

I'm so glad I went. He starts middle school (7th grade) next year. Their football games are on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at like 5 or 6 in the evening. With my work schedule, it will be impossible to get there. I live an hour and a half away. Looks like it will be two years before I get to watch him play again.
Tuesday was election day, so I voted. I can honestly say this was the most interesting voting experience I've ever had. Unfortunately traffic home from work was terrible due to rain and accidents, so I got to the voting poll at exactly 6pm. The official informed me that I was the last person in line to vote. Let's just sum it up by saying the people who came behind me were not pleased. Their reaction resulted in a fist fight and the cops being called. Yikes!

I also went to the gynecologist last Friday. I took a vacation day because usually her visits are quite long. Thank goodness! She was running behind schedule due to an emergency, so I waited over an hour to get in. This was my annual check up. I told her about the problems I was having earlier in the year and brought her copies of my test results. I also let her know which problems were still occurring (mostly the headaches and hair loss).

First off, she was extremely unhappy with my weight gain. I didn't get a lecture, but I am fully expecting one on my next visit (more on that later). We think we've figured out the headaches. I started charting my migraines on a app on my phone. It turns out that my worst migraines are when there is a change in my birth control pill. I take three weeks of white pills, two days of blue pills, and five days of green pills. The two blue pills are nothing and the five green pills have a lower dose of estrogen. She says the drop in estrogen is causing the problem. We changed my dosage around so there is not such a drastic drop.

She was also concerned about the test results from March. We know the hair loss was caused from a hormonal imbalance, but she is extremely concerned about the insulin resistance. I have a follow up appointment with her next week to discuss this and some medication options. She was so behind that we couldn't go into detail at that meeting. I'll let you guys know what happens.

How was your week?